Plastic Lumber News

Plastic lumber buyers of all types need to be aware of industry news and changes immediately, and even before they happen to be able to stay competitive in today's marketplace. That is the purpose of our free plastic lumber email blast mailing list, and when we do email you it will only be when there is valuable news that we know can help you.  

Here are the types of new's you will get from our plastic lumber email blasts:
  1. Changes or breakthroughs to product technology in the plastics industry (changes that will effect you).  These could be dramatic new products that are being introduced or technological changes that are available and will change the way plastic lumber is made / produced / priced. 
  2. Changes or upcoming market changes in plastic lumber price
  3. Any breaking news that will effect your business 
If you are one of the following you could dramatically benefit from being on this free mailing list: 
  1. A yearly buyer of 100 lbs. or more of plastic lumber for use in manufacturing your own products. 
  2. A retailer of any kind of plastic lumber products 
  3. A person interested in the plastic lumber market. 
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